Social Security Disability

Cumming Attorneys Provide Guidance on Social Security Disability

Helping people in northern Georgia prove eligibility for SSDI or SSI benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides payments to people with a history of gainful employment who become disabled and are thereby unable to earn a living, regardless of age. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is available to those who are blind, disabled or at least 65 years old and who have low incomes and assets. For purposes of either program, a disability is a physical or mental condition that lasts one year or more or is expected to result in death. The Social Security benefits attorneys at Lipscomb, Johnson, Sleister, Dailey & Smith, LLP are experienced with representing claimants in both the SSDI and SSI programs. We are prepared to assist you at any stage of the process, from filing for the appropriate program to appealing a denial of benefits.

Requirements for social security disability benefits

Workers who have paid into the Social Security system are eligible to receive benefits if they become disabled and pass certain earnings tests. In general, you must have worked and paid into the Social Security system for five of the last 10 years and for a minimum of 10 years total.

If you qualify for SSDI, the next hurdle is proving your disability. Many applicants with legitimate disabilities have their claims denied because their applications do not contain the type of evidence that evaluators are looking for. If the Social Security Administration rejects your initial claim, you should not be discouraged. As many as 70 percent of first-time applicants are initially denied SSDI benefits.

Our attorneys understand the requirements because we’ve helped many disabled clients get benefits after their initial denial of benefits. We can review your application before you file to make sure the information is complete or we can prepare your appeal if you’ve already been rejected. We understand how important disability payments are to your future, so we give you close, personalized service throughout the application and appeal process.

Reliable assistance appealing denied claims

Engaging an experienced Social Security benefits attorney at the outset of your claim can improve your chances of prevailing. Still, your SSDI claim may be denied for a variety of reasons such as these:

  • You earn too much income despite your disability to qualify.
  • Your disability isn’t severe or long lasting enough for you to qualify.
  • You refused to cooperate with the examination of your claim.
  • You failed to follow prescribed therapies without good reason.
  • You were injured while committing a felony or while in jail.
  • You filed a fraudulent claim.

If you’ve been denied, our attorneys can provide invaluable assistance at all stages of the appeals process. This includes:

  • an application for reconsideration of your case, including new evidence, by an officer who did not take part in the original determination
  • a hearing before an administrative law judge, who will review the denial and also consider evidence not previously available
  • a review by the Appeals Council, which decides whether the decision was supported by evidence and in accordance with Social Security law and regulations
  • a civil suit in federal court, which may reverse a decision in the interests of justice and allow the benefits application to proceed anew

Whatever the cause of your denial, we will analyze the merits of your disability claim and assemble the documentation and other evidence as needed to present a strong case for reversal at every level of appeal.

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