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Cost-effective representation for various stakeholders in troubled transactions

Commercial real estate transactions represent significant investments from numerous players who have a stake in the outcome. When the development, construction, sale, or lease of a property hits a snag, all stakeholders suffer. That’s where Lipscomb, Johnson, Sleister, Dailey & Smith, LLP in Cumming, Georgia can help. Our commercial real estate attorneys also have extensive experience in complex, high-value legal disputes, including litigation. We draw on decades of service to developers, lending institutions, sureties, contractors, landlords, and tenants to negotiate practical solutions that get stalled projects back on track. When it is necessary to arbitrate or litigate an issue, we provide skilled representation focused on achieving the best possible results.

Forsyth County lawyers guide clients from planning to permits to completion

Our real estate attorneys regularly handle all aspects of commercial transactions, including:

  • Purchases and leases — Before you buy or sign a lease, due diligence is typically necessary. Further, drafting and review of the purchase contract or lease is best handled by an experienced attorney.
  • Navigating bureaucracies and administrative hearings — The foundation of a real estate development isn’t concrete – it’s paperwork. Whether you are set for a land-use hearing, appealing an adverse administrative decision through the agency or a court, or seeking, preserving or extending entitlements, having a lawyer adept at battling bureaucracy will help keep your project on track. Other potential derailments include zoning determinations, special exceptions, appeals, violations, and variances, permitting and bonding decisions, and condemnation or eminent domain.
  • Planning — For commercial, industrial, and residential properties, our attorneys can help in the planning stage. We guide clients with establishing residential subdivisions and mixed-use communities that utilize private land-use covenants or homeowner association (HOA) formation and can also assist with granting easements (reciprocal, private, or public utility).

When issues arise, we resolve them quickly and decisively. And when opportunities arise, we protect your best interests.

Fierce litigators understand what’s at stake

If you’re dealing with commercial or residential lease or sublease issues, you need an attorney you can rely on when a strong approach is needed in:

  • Contract breaches — Whether the matter at hand is a purchase or sale agreement, a lease, or some other contract, the advice of a lawyer is invaluable when determining your remedy. Is it possible to force the deal to go through? Or can you strike a new deal and hold the breaching party responsible for any losses?
  • Title disputes — A cloud on the title to your property can jeopardize financing, development, or sale. We’re adept at establishing chains of title and clearing up competing claims.
  • Loan defaults — If you are a lender or borrower, real estate workouts (a renegotiation of the deal that typically waives the default and restructures terms) when a loan is in default can be especially challenging, especially if your business is at stake.

Understanding real estate transactions in all their aspects, from the points of view of diverse stakeholders, enables our litigation attorneys to present creative yet practical remedies that protect our clients’ interests while advancing the cause of the underlying project.

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The commercial real estate attorneys at Lipscomb, Johnson, Sleister, Dailey & Smith, LLP can recommend the appropriate legal strategy, including aggressive litigation when necessary, to obtain the results you need. Call our Cumming, Georgia office at 470-839-9467 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.