Compassionate Georgia Estate Planning Lawyers Prepare Wills Customized to Client Needs

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When you are planning how your assets are to be managed and distributed after your death, a carefully constructed will is a necessity to ensure your instructions are carried out. At Lipscomb, Johnson, Sleister, Dailey & Smith, LLP in Cumming, Georgia, our experienced estate planning lawyers can analyze your financial portfolio and craft a customized will designed to accomplish your objectives.

Knowledgeable legal advocates explain the importance of wills

A will sets out your final wishes for how your estate should be managed. It also appoints an executor to accomplish the distribution and take care of other important tasks, such as paying taxes and other debts. Preparing a valid and comprehensive will ensures that the court is aware of your priorities concerning who should receive your property. Without a will in place, your estate is subject to distribution under Georgia’s laws of intestacy, which may bring about unintended consequences such as having an estranged relative inherit most of your estate.

One of the most important aspects of a will if you are a parent is the possible need for appointment of a guardian for your minor children. The guardian must be court-appointed. While the court’s decision will be based upon what is deemed to be in the child’s best interest, your choice of a guardian carries great weight and usually is controlling unless there is a contest lodged by other family members.

Hard-working estate planning attorneys listen to your concerns and address your needs

Our legal advocates meet with you to determine your estate planning needs, compiling all necessary information about you, your family and your property. We then draft a customized will along with other advisable documents, such as instruments for setting up trusts for children, charities and other selected beneficiaries.

Our lawyers also provide periodic reviews of your estate plan and recommend when changes may be appropriate. Revisions may be called for if:

  • You get married
  • You get divorced
  • You have a child
  • A beneficiary dies
  • The value of your property changes or you have acquired additional assets
  • You change your mind about who you want to inherit property
  • You wish to change the appointment of an executor or guardian

Our knowledgeable lawyers can analyze your current estate plan and help you determine whether changes should be made to protect your interests and to ensure your objectives are carried out.

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If you need help with drafting or revising your will or with any other aspect of estate planning, an experienced lawyer at Lipscomb, Johnson, Sleister, Dailey & Smith, LLP in Cumming, Georgia is ready to assist. We can prepare a plan that is customized to your needs and priorities. We also assist with probate matters, serving as counsel to executors, beneficiaries and heirs. Schedule a confidential consultation by calling 470-839-9467 or contacting us online.