Business Law

Business Lawyers in Cumming Represent Clients in Transactions and Litigation

Georgia attorneys helping companies with formation and planning

Successful businesses are built through hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Protecting that success requires the counsel of a skilled business attorney. At the Cumming law firm of Lipscomb, Johnson, Sleister, Dailey & Smith, LLP, our Georgia business attorneys assist small and mid-sized companies throughout Forsyth County and the surrounding areas in a range of business matters. A significant portion of our business law practice is related to real estate development. Our attorneys’ in-depth knowledge and experience in both areas of law directly benefits our clients.

Assisting businesses with all types of transactional work and dispute resolution

Our legal team has experience representing partnerships, LLCs, corporations, closely held businesses and family businesses in a wide range of business transactions and operations, including:

  • Business formation
  • Business planning
  • Buying and selling businesses
  • Contracts
  • Dissolution and receivership
  • Franchise relationships
  • Mergers and acquisitions

We also counsel larger companies regarding niche areas of their business. Our attorneys have significant experience in all areas of business law, allowing us to get results for our clients.

Assisting with the day-to-day operation of your business

Our attorneys can help your business manage its legal duties and liabilities at all times so you can avoid litigation and legal problems. By monitoring your contractual obligations and reviewing agreements before you enter into them, we help businesses protect themselves from unnecessary risks. Our legal team advises directors and officers of their fiduciary duties to prevent internal problems before they arise.

Skilled litigators represent your interests in negotiations and court

Not every business dispute can be avoided. At some point, most businesses will need to resolve an issue with a supplier, a customer or an employee. Conflicts may arise with a bank, an insurance company or a real estate agency. Our attorneys have experience representing the interests of businesses like yours. We don’t back down during settlement negotiations. Our attorneys are capable of taking on even the biggest companies in negotiations and in court. We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive legal strategy, which may include negotiation, arbitration or a jury trial.

Contact our skilled Cumming, Georgia business attorneys today

An experienced attorney quickly and thoroughly assesses your legal issue before executing the appropriate strategy to obtain the results you need. Call the law office of Lipscomb, Johnson, Sleister, Dailey & Smith, LLP at 470-839-9467 or contact us online for knowledgeable, decisive action designed to secure optimal results. We look forward to discussing your case.